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Buddy Rhodes Products

A fresh translation of an ancient, natural material, Buddy Rhodes Concrete Mix can be used to create one of a kind countertops, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, furniture, planters and tiles of any shape, adding character to homes and offices ranging from old-fashioned to contemporary, traditional to modern. Artisan concrete is completely different from the common concrete found in sidewalks, driveways and foundations, and Buddy Rhodes Concrete Countertop Mix is completely different from any other concrete formula.

Buddy Rhodes Concrete Mix, with the simple addition of water and optional color, produces a clay-like material that can be colored, molded and even packed up vertically to create fresh, new possibilities. In the hands of a skilled craftsperson, it yields honed surfaces that are wonderful to touch and complement other natural materials beautifully. Buddy Rhodes Artisan Concrete countertops have a unique warmth and solidity. With basic care, they grow in beauty through the years.

Create beautiful, handcrafted:


Floor or Bath Tile

Pool Coping and other rounded tiles

Mantels, hearths and fireplaces

Stair treads




The Worlds most Versatile Counter Mix!

five different finished surfaces

GFRC, wetcast, or vibrate

use any color

no rebar!

Easily create Caps, corners, returns and other vertical finished surfaces.